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Bellingham, MA is a great town for those who like to strike a balance. The city isn’t too busy, but if you want a taste of excitement, you can always venture over to Boston. This makes Bellingham a great place to raise families, conduct business, and live life! However, life always has its little interruptions… and one of those interruptions is junk. Are you dealing with junk? If so, our junk removal services in Bellingham, MA may be exactly what you’re looking for.

For a full junk removal service from professionals you can trust, contact Treasure Trove Junk Removal! Our friendly staff members are excited to meet you, learn more about clutter, then ultimately remove it for you. You can’t beat our fast and convenient service, so don’t wait to book an appointment today!

Why Our Junk Removal in Bellingham, MA?

We value our free time, which is why it’s always frustrating when something has to come up when we’re trying to relax. For example, nobody wants to deal with do-it-yourself junk removal on the weekend or after a long day of work. So what are you supposed to do? Just let that clutter sit there? The answer is to get in touch with us. Our junk removal services in Bellingham, MA are faster than what the competition is offering because we always work hard and we always make it there on time!

Looking for a Bellingham junk hauling cost that won’t leave your wallet empty? Then you’re sure to appreciate our prices. We pride ourselves on providing our service areas with rates that can’t be beat! You see, we calculate what you pay on a basis of the volume of junk hauled. In other words, the final tab scales according to how much work we did. It’s fair, and it’s inexpensive to boot! The long story short is that you can save both time and money by choosing Treasure Trove Junk Removal. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon. We’d love to be your helping hand! To get started with us, send us a short message using our online contact form. Or, if you’d prefer to have a short chat, call us at 774-244-2020. 

How It Works

  1. We will give you a courtesy call when we are on our way! You can expect to see us during the 2-hour arrival window. We will never be late!
  2. Once we’ve arrived, we’ll take a moment to say hi before asking to check out all the junk you want to get rid of. Just lead us to the clutter.
  3. After estimating the volume of the junk, we will prepare an upfront quote for your approval. Sign off to let us leap straight into junk removal action.
  4. Our professionals work quickly to haul away your junk in no time at all. Once we’re done, we’ll accept your payment before heading out of there.

House Clean Outs in Bellingham

Sometimes, you need to clear the junk out of an entire house. Maybe it’s because you’re moving out, or perhaps you’re a property manager cleaning up after an eviction or foreclosure. In either case, you probably have your hands full already, so there’s no need to get them full of junk. Leave this job to us, then! We will collect gently used household items, such as clothes, toys, and books, and take them to be donated to a local thrift store. Additionally, we have what it takes to remove heavy objects such as furniture and appliances. Once we’ve removed all the junk, we’ll also sweep up behind ourselves. That way, the house is empty, clean, and ready to be used for something new.

About Us

Treasure Trove Junk Removal has been Norfolk County and Metro West’s #1 source of junk removal for a while now, and we plan to keep that winning streak going! We were created so that our community would have a great option for affordable, local junk removal services. We think we’ve reached that milestone, based on all the great reviews we’ve received from our clients. Will you be having front-row seats to our next five-star performance? Book now, and our smiling crew will be at your front door soon. We can even be there as quickly as today or tomorrow!

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