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Our mattress removal services in Holliston, MA are designed to take away some stress (and maybe some back pain, too). When your old mattress needs to be tossed, the last thing you need is the chore of moving it. Can you donate it? Is it worth passing on? Where can you just toss it?

Let Treasure Trove Junk Removal worry about all of that! We can pick up an old mattress any day of the week and have it out of your way in a flash!

Why Us for Mattress Removal?

Treasure Trove Junk Removal is the best choice for bed removal because we’re located right here in Holliston! We know how to access local resources to properly recycle and dispose of your old mattress and other junk. You won’t have to stress about scheduling a bulky pickup and dragging that old bed to the curb. All you have to pick up is the phone to call Treasure Trove Junk Removal! You can reach us at 774-244-2020 and we’ll send out a full-service team!

What do you need to do to prep for our arrival? Not a thing! Our staff is full-service, so we’re prepared to take care of all lifting, moving, and loading.

Our Mattress Removal Process

  1. Request an appointment online or call 774-244-2020 to speak with Treasure Trove Junk Removal team member. We have appointments available 7 days a week and we’ll get to you as soon as today!
  2. Tell us whether it’s a single mattress haul away or if your old mattress is part of a bigger cleanout. That will allow us to provide you with the most accurate price quote.
  3. Approve our pricing and we’ll get straight to it. We’ve got guys that can safely lift your old mattress and move it out of your house without causing any damage.
  4. We’ll load up the junk truck with your mattress, box springs, and any other junk you want us to take. Whatever you need to toss, we’ll take it!
  5. Our guys will haul everything to the proper recycling or disposal facility. Don’t worry about arranging any of that. We’ve got it all covered!
  6. The final bill won’t have any surprises. It will match your initial quote and you can settle the tab with a cash, check, Venmo, card, or Pay Pal payment.

Memory Foam Mattress Removal

Have you tried moving a memory foam mattress lately? It’s not a quick task! They’re heavy to pick up and they bend when you put them on their side. It makes for a frustrating process and you’ll probably need help if you’re going to load it in a truck for hauling.

Here’s an idea! You could let the Treasure Trove Junk Removal team take care of it. We’ll bring strong backs to move it and a big truck to haul it. Then you can mark that chore off of your list and await the delivery of your new mattress. Doesn’t that sound like more fun? Of course, we’ll also take any other bedroom furniture, pillows, mattress toppers, or linens that you need to get rid of.

About Us

Treasure Trove Junk Removal is a local business that strives to provide eco-friendly, professional, and affordable junk and mattress removal service in Holliston, MA. 

We do everything we can to reduce the amount of waste that we have to dump. It’s important that we protect our environment and this beautiful community we call home. That’s why we recycle when it’s possible and choose the most responsible method of disposal when that’s the best option.

Our owner, Matt, is involved in the day-to-day operations of the business. So, when you call to inquire about getting rid of an old mattress or other furniture, you may very well speak directly with him. He understands the business and places a high priority on making sure you receive the best possible junk removal experience available.

Of course, none of these premium features and convenient appointments will cost you a fortune. We’re proud to keep prices affordable for our neighbors. By keeping our operating costs low, we’re able to offer the best rates around. As an added bonus, all expenses are included in your upfront quote, so you never have to worry about fluctuating costs.

When you’re ready to call in the best of the best for bed removal in Holliston, give us a ring. We look forward to helping you get rid of junk when it’s most convenient for you!

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