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Sometimes, it’s great to have a fence. It protects your property from strangers wandering through, be they people or pests. It also helps to relax in your yard, knowing that you’re in a secure place! However, fences can have their downsides, too—especially old, deteriorating fences. If you’re tired of your fence for any reason at all, contact Treasure Trove Junk Removal, and we’ll provide you with the fence removal services in Holliston, MA you need!

Some fence removal crews aren’t exactly what you’d call “professional”. However, not only is our crew fully trained, but they’re fully insured, too. This means there is no risk of liability or other kinds of legal hoopla with us. Plus, we take extra caution, meaning that accidents aren’t going to happen in the first place.

Why Us for Fence Removal?

Fence demolition in Holliston, MA doesn’t have to be your responsibility. After all, you’ve got better things to do than sacrifice all your free time to a light demolition job. That’s where we step in! We are your local junk removal company, specializing in the removal of all unwanted things, including fences. Whether it’s a small fence spanning your backyard, or an enormous fence surrounding an entire warehouse, trust us when we say we can get rid of it!

Fences of all kinds won’t stop us. Wooden fences, iron bar fences, chain link fences, and vinyl fences… yes, we take all of these and more! Since the local pickup services probably won’t accept all these fencing materials, we’ll also dispose of them for you. No need to go to the landfill for yourself. We will do the job for you from start to finish!

Our Fence Removal Process

  1. On the day of your appointment, you can expect us to be there on time during the 2-hour arrival window. What’s more, we’ll even give you a courtesy call when we’re on our way.
  2. When we park the truck and say hello, be sure to say hi back! Then, let us see the fence you want to get rid of. We’ll be able to estimate the price of the job afterwards.
  3. Once you’ve approved our upfront service quote, we will demolish the fence. Stand back and enjoy the show. Or, step inside and handle whatever else is on your schedule.
  4. After the fence has been demolished, we will load the leftover debris into our truck, leaving nothing behind. Now that old fence is as good as gone!

Iron Bar Fence Removal

Removing fences made of iron bars isn’t as simple as swinging a crowbar. There is a more intricate disassembly process required, but it’s nothing the Treasure Trove Junk Removal team can’t handle. We’ll bring screwdrivers, wrenches, and even power tools so we can detach the horizontal bars from the vertical ones. Then, we’ll unearth the posts one after another. Finally, we’ll load the material onto our truck so we can take it to a proper recycling facility—unless you wanted to keep the bars, that is! We are flexible and will do whatever it takes to suit your needs. Just let us know how we can help, and we’ll help!

About Us

Treasure Trove Junk Removal is an owner-operated junk removal business that works with junk in Norfolk County and Metro West. We’re open seven days a week to provide our customers with our signature brand of five-star service. What does that brand consist of? In short, friendly attitudes, fast results, and affordable prices. Our community is a wonderful place, and that’s why we do the best we can for it. Cleaning up junk and keeping Norfolk County as beautiful as possible is our honor. Let us help you next by scheduling an appointment today. We look forward to meeting you!

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